The Bridge Program


Invigorating Bridge Lectures with Jeff

Jeff Grotenhuis has inspired hundreds and hundreds of students by
peppering his stimulating talks with humorous anecdotes.
Lectures cover a wide variety of topics.  Outlines are distributed at each session. Plenty of practice hands reinforce the topic.

Here are some of Jeff's lectures that you will enjoy:
1. Become a Deceptive Declarer
2. Your Opponents Preempt, How Dare They
3. Strip & End Play
4. Who Cares What I Discard?
5. It is My Turn to Bid Slam
6. Count Dracula's Secrets

ACBL-Sanctioned Duplicate

Picture your self sipping coffee and enjoying a danish, the ship gently gliding to the next port. Your opponents are smiling; they are happy to be on vacation. The directors keep the game moving and results are generated at game's end. You will savor the opportunity to meet congenial bridge players from all over the world.

Need a Bridge Partner?

You will have your choice of several partners on different levels, either for the entire cruise or for just one game... guaranteed!  Who knows, you may even play with me.