Newport, Rhode Island

Newport is a stylish, world-famous yachting center with a long tradition of elegance.  The opulent mansions built at the turn of last century by industrial tycoons such as the Morgans, Astors, Fishers, and Vanderbilts. Take a stroll along Newport's cliff tops and enjoy Renaissance, Rococo, French and Victorian in all its finest.


Boston is the largest city of Massachusetts and New England, located in a natural harbour showcasing significant historic sites such as The Freedom Trail. Discover the birth of a nation at the Boston Tea Party ship, or for more contemporary pleasures, get shopping for bargains. You can always drop in where everybody knows your name – TV’s famous Cheers bar.

Sydney, Nova Scocia

Cape Breton is fabled as a magical travel destination. For its beauty, its unique Celtic music and culture, and the genuinely warm smiles on the faces of those who greet you. Sydney puts some of the Island’s greatest sights and attractions at your fingertips. Sydney with its fine harbour, known as Spanish Bay in colonial times, is a rich city with plenty of boroughs, yet the entire population today is only 31,000.

Quebec, Canada

The only fortified city in continental America, there’s every possibility you’ll lose your heart to Québec, an unforgettable cocktail of old world charm and urban sophistication. Stroll around the quaint back streets of Montmartre and Petit Champlain, perfectly punctuated by a visit – or two – to the city’s patisseries.